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We issue refunds only for misspelled names and broken items only.


Sorry, but we do not offer any exchanges. All orders are final.

Buddy Shots

A buddy shot is when 2 people are part of the same photo. It is primarily for siblings only.

It is offered for Statuettes®, Graduettes®, and photos. An additional charge of $25 dollars

will be applied for photos with more than 2 people and no more than 4 people max.

Processing Time

Photos usually take no more than 2 weeks to process and many times earlier, while Statuettes®

and Graduettes® take about 3 to 4 weeks to process. Keep in mind not only do we take your photo

but we also post process all of our photos, add personal graphics, and additional manufacturing

for our Statuetts®, Graduettes®, and our Framebreakers® Collectibles

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